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Energy Work

Krista uses pranic healing techniques to facilitate energy flow.  These are ancient healing techniques used to safely move your own energy system. She will cleanse your aura, chakras and energy chanels of blockages which disrupt your energy flow.  She may read your aura to tell you information which may help you to feel more clear. 


60 min...............$100



Enjoy 1 hour of a guided meditation to help you with your current challenges. Krista will discuss with you what your current issues are and help you to see where the issues stem from. She will then help to guide you through a meditation incorporating tools to help you release stuck energy. 


60 min............$100



Learn how to meditate. Learn safe yet powerful tools to create more ease and flow in your life. Learn how to get grounded, clear your aura, clear your chakras, get your energy flowing and manifest what you want in your life.  This one on one session can be anywhere from 1-7 days, structured uniquely depending on what you want to work on. 


60 min........$100





Energy Work$100 / 60 minutes
Guided Meditation $100 / 60 minutes